Engravable Smart QR Code Tag Medium


Our engraving 'Smart' QR code tag can help you renite with your lost pet much more quickly.  When you receive your tag, register at our profile site www.retrievemypet.com and complete your profile.  This should include multiple contact numbers and any important information about your pet such as dietary or behavioural issues.  You can also include insurance details.  Once your profile is ready, link your tag.

When the tag is scanned by a mobile phone camera, this profile will be accessed, you will be sent an email notification showing the approximate location of the tag and the finder can send make contact with you.

This is not a tracking device and there are no subscription fees.*

Our Smart Tag can work anywhere in the world.

Medium Size: 25mm

*If access to the profile website is discontinued within 6 months of purchase, you will be refunded.