Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee against breakage & fading

Tags worn on pets will deteriorate over time, depending on how active the pet is, and how much the tag is exposed to water, mud and dirt. Regardless of this, we promise to replace your tag if it fades or breaks within 2 years if a Bling tag, or within 5 years for any other tag.

Bling tags in particular should not be worn while swimming or at particularly active times - keep them for special occasions and they'll look beautiful for years!  We recommend your dog wears a stainless steel tag when they are most active.

Our brass tags are solid brass which will always tarnish and may require polishing to keep it looking its best. Exposing brass tags to water will cause faster fading of laser engraving.

Rubbing on wet fur will cause tags to deterioriate more quickly.  For dogs who swim regularly we recommend stainless steel tags, the most robust metal.

To keep any pet tag looking its best, always wash and dry the tag after exposure to water, wet fur, dirt or mud.

If you wish to claim a replacement under this policy, please email us at info@pet-tags.com.